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luci and bump
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I have my first midwife appointment today I'm so excited, but can't shake the feeling something is wrong. I just want it to be 2pm so we can attempt to listen in, and get the scan booked!!

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I had my first appointment yesterday. Everything is looking good so far, and got to see baby wiggling around since she couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler. Turns out I have the placenta on the front again, and last time it blockeda lot of movement. Everything looks good so far although I'm surprised how big baby seems already at only 14 weeks!

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I have a hematoma so I'm worried which is all I need after 4 losses. I have another scan next weds then the following Tuesday I have a private gender scan

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Keeping everything crossed for you wantingagirl! I'm so so terrible about keeping up with this but just updating, dna results came back and we are definitely team pink!! This year has been really tragic for us in several ways so getting our girl has been such a huge source of joy. I'm so excited

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I felt baby move today!!! I was worried I wouldn't for a while yet because my midwife has trouble finding baby on the Doppler this pregnancy so I was very excited to feel the flutters today!! I'm 12+6.

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