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Light bleeding?

Hi everyone!

Im on the nuvaring (been on it for about 7 months).

Took it out on the 26th of august for my week break and I always get my period three days later without fail..
So I took it out on the 26th, should've gotten my period on the 29th(yesterday)..

I went to the loo at around 1pm and when I wiped (sorry tmi) there was blood tinged discharge on the tp..
then no bleeding at all until around 7pm and the blood tinged discharge again..

So today (30th) I have veeery light bleeding.. like not enough to have to change pads..
I have bought a hpt but I'm not sure when or if I should take it..

Please, any advice would be appreciated! I'm a bit worried but if I happen to be pregnant my partner and myself would be very happy as we've been talking about ttc for a couple of weeks now..

Thank you in advance 😊

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