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PLEASE HELP, DVT FEAR, can't handle it anymore, I feel so miserable!!!!

Hi guys, please I need some help and some tips as I am extremely depressed and constantly worried about this, I'm 20 years old and currently 32 weeks pregnant and a little over a month ago I felt a little twinge in my right inner calf, I brushed it off and the pain stopped, but then two days later it started again, so I decided to go to the ER, they did a d dimer test which came back elevated (I was told by several ob's not to worry because this test should not be used on pregnant women as they are always elevated) so they said it was nerve pain due to the weight of the belly and just sent me home, the pain got worse so I went to the Er again and they sent me to a vascular surgeon to have a doppler scan, he said I was fine so they sent me home and again said it was nerve pain...I started googling about doppler scans and read horror stories where people had two us done that came back normal but still had DVT, so I panicked and went to the Er again as pain did not stop, they said I had no swelling (even though I notice a little bit of swelling just below the calf) no redness and the leg wasn't warm to touch so I was fine, but they still did the doppler, which came normal again... this week rushed to the Er as I started feeling my leg cramping aswell as my toes and my calf and hamstring felt tight, the did a doppler again and it came back fine, again I was sent home with no explanation for this pain...I also feel twitches where I have the pain and sometimes my leg feels cold, but not to touch...these days later I've also felt pain in groin and inner thigh...I had to come live to my parents house since I can't be alone anymore due to this, I have panic attacks almost every night and I just feel like I'm going to collapse and die, I feel so miserable for doing this to my baby, please someone help me!

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Did you ever get this figured out? You're 37 week now, right?

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