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Donít judge I know itís terrible but I got out of a 2 year relationship after finding out he had another gf the whole time, and I met someone new and we had sex the 17th also the first day of my period. Itís always irregular but I always bleed heavy for 7 days except this time it stopped and I just barely spotted the next day or 2 after we done it which was really odd for me. Being stupid again, I had sex with my ex on the 24th. Iím pregnant Freaking out bc only 7 days apart, is there any chance it could be the new guys since I was on my period ?

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It could be the new guys and what you thought was your period was actually ovulation but it could have also been some middle cycle spotting and then you actually ovulated when you did with your ex the only way your going to find out is a DNA test as it was so close together I don’t think a scan will tell you

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