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Veggie / Vegan mums to be

I have lots of questions!
Iím strict veggie, borderline vegan (I do have some animal products occasionally, but no milk, cheese, eggs, etc), and I have been craving meat and cheese so bad! I havenít eaten cheese for a long time, but I actually gave in the other day and now I feel awful about it (not going to lie it was lush, but I feel so bad for the poor cow)! Luckily even though I crave meat when I actually think about eating it, it still makes me feel sick. I know itís totally possible to have a healthy vegan pregnancy so Iím struggling with the guilt a bit.
One of our friends had issues with calcium after her pregnancy and ended up having two massive operations in her hip and thigh bones because they were depleted - I know I can get plenty of calcium elsewhere, but I find milk replacements too much like milk and I canít stomach the thought of it (ironic I know) so if anyone can recommend other alternatives?
Also, my mum is very anti vegan/veggie. My grandad and about three aunts (big family) in my dadís side have always been veggie and my mum always goes on about how thatís why they are sickly etc. We also have a really up and down relationship, and I get the impression she doesnít trust my judgement, at least compared to her own. Iím still super early (10 weeks) so while I know itís silly to be worrying about this stuff already, I do worry about the thought of her baby sitting or anything, as I am sure she would try to give the baby meat products. When heís old enough to make his own decisions thatís fine, but I donít want my mum giving my child cow parts, because I think if thatís just awful! Especially for a child as I want them to see animals as animals, not as food, so I would imagine that would be a bit disturbing. So ideas on when and how to discuss this would be helpful.
Anyway, I know I sound nuts, I think I actually am going nuts, but Iím blaming the hormones!
Thank you

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Hi Red,

I have been through and continue to go through something similar with my daughter who is just about 2 now. We give her a plant based diet and I have been especially strict about her not having white sugar. One of my grandmothers and my mother in law feel I am depriving her and try every way possible to get me to budge. There have been a few occasions where they feed her something I didn't approve of while baby sitting. They just don't see the harm and are trying to love her the way they want to. I currently am not eating meat and neither is my DD but there are other ways to get the nutrients you and baby need. I eat a lot of kidney beans myself. I am not certain about the calcium thing but I know our body is not designed to break down cows milk. It's for a baby cow after all. I do eat cheese on my home made pizzas but that's about it. I can't give a lot of nutritonal advice but I will say this, be firm with those around you about baby's diet. I try not to be confrontational because everyone had a right to eat the way they choose but you are in control of your child and they should respect that. Also, if in the future someone gives something to your child you don't approve of, it will be OK. Just address the situation head on so that it doesn't recur.

Sorry I feel like I rambled a bit but good for you for thinking these things through and everything will work out with family.

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