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Could I be pregnant?

Hi everyone,

I am on birth control (the Pill) and am not trying to conceive. I've had sex with my boyfriend frequently, but we still use a condom with the Pill. I take my pills every day, on schedule. I had the flu about 1-2 weeks ago. My period occurred this week. It arrived on Tuesday, but a day earlier than usual. However, my cramps were more painful than usual but I only had bright red bleeding for 1-2 days. By Thursday, my period seemed to disappear and I have only had brown discharge since. The brown discharge has been intermittent with periods of no discharge. I am wondering if it is possible that I am pregnant?

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The pill is not 100% effective but if you have been taking it at the same time everyday then it's unlikely that you are pregnant. And using condoms is an extra protection as well. Sometimes the pill can make your periods lighter, I know it did for me. If you are still concerned about being pregnant the only way to know for sure is to take a test. Good luck!

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Very unlikely

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