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My wife is pregnant and she has a heart problem.

My wife has a hole in her heart. She was told by the doctor that she wonít live long but she did. She even joined some sports during her college years and went on a few Latin America singles club to date around. Eventually, she got married to me. The doctor has been telling my wife to avoid getting pregnant but a few days ago, we found out that she is indeed, pregnant. She took 3 pregnancy tests and all appeared positive. We are extremely happy but a big part of us is worried. Iím worried for my wife and Iím worried for our baby. I donít want my wife to suffer when she delivers the baby and most of all, I donít want my baby to inherit the heart disease. I feel so lost and confused. My wife and I have yet to talk about this whole thing but Iím pretty sure we are keeping the baby. It would help us a lot if anyone went through this already. Please share your experience, advice, etc. Thanks ahead.

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A girls I went to school with her mum had a hole in her heart and she is one of 5 kids and her mum did great. Just speak to the doctors and listen to their advice and just help her out as and when she needs xx

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