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Neg HPT's & Blood tests 'Hook effect' during pregnancy

The Hook effect is caused by high levels of hCG and therefore giving a false negative reading in either a urine sample or blood test, this can be caused by being pregnant with multiples, sometimes the person mistakenly beliefs vaginal bleeding to be there period, therefore pregnancy goes unnoticed unless symptoms occur.

I was searching the web for more information on this phenominom, and to my surprise there is not an awful lot of info out there concidering that it is a world wide problem.

I have read stories about women who have went to the docs only just to be turned away, and some have even been sent for psychoanalysis, only to prove them wrong. Considering the fact that in most of these cases most women have been 3 to 4 months gone and in some cases 6months even rarer day of birth. It is concerning to me that these women are being turned away and being shunned upon by the medical professionals even when there is obviously something wrong with there ever growing stomachs, which could mean anything from cyst, molar pregnancy, tumor, phantom pregnancy or any other medical condition.

Anyone going through similar situation or have experienced or know someone who has experienced this.
Even if in the end it is nothing I'm still interested in why the hook effect happens and your stories.

This site explains hCG to HPT test and what a Prozone/Hook Effect looks like on a HPT test

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