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Is anyone else worried?

All my tests have come back fine - I was 1/750 for Downs etc and my anomaly scan was normal - but I still worry about having a baby with some sort of birth defect or other problem. At 41 I know my risk is higher for all sorts of things, many of which wouldn't come up in the screening routinely offered.

On the whole I am quite chilled out and confident, after all a massive number of women over 40 have healthy babies every day, but the closer I am getting to third tri and giving birth, the more worried I am getting.

Is anyone else worrying about this?


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Peggy O
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I'm worried about almost everything! Seems like being pregnant will do that. I keep reminding myself that we do not fall off a cliff of genetic doom when we turn 35.

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Well, if it helps, all the babies I know born to mamas post-40 have been just fine! And you know, being younger doesn't guarantee a 'perfect' child; I have friends who had kids in their 20s and early 30s whose kids have autism, developmental delays, health issues etc. And of course, they love those kids with all their hearts and think they're amazing and just get along with dealing with any issues as they come up, just like you will do in the unlikely event of any issues.

I don't know if Downs Syndrome is one that you're particularly worried about but I found this blog to be wonderful reading. The writer's second daughter, Nelle, was unexpectedly born with DS.

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