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35 & pregnant

hello everyone. i am fairly new to this site. i was on Countdown to Pregnancy while ttc- but finally got my BFP last month!!

at 7W4D, I have to say-I have been pretty fortunate this pregnancy (i have 2 boys 16 and 8)
i havent had any morning sickness-and other than sore nipples, and needing a daily nap-i feel GREAT!!!!

I never felt too "old" to conceive until my first prenatal visit last week. they said "advanced maternal age" lol I was like ..."REALLY"?? HAHAH
i dont feel old..but i guess age is more than a number!

i told the Dr. I didnt want an amnio--but would do any other blood work they felt necessary.....

so far i have only had my first prenatal visit, a transvaginal sono (saw my lil babies heartbeat
and went out and bought a box of diapers and wipes and 1 pkg of newborn onsies

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Hi there!
I'm 35 too!
I'm 11 weeks today.
Advanced maternal age hey? It's hard to believe as I still feel in my early 20's!
I only started ttc at 34. I've had several chemical pregnancies and my daughter was born asleep at 38 weeks, so this, I hope is my rainbow baby that I hope I get to take home and keep! I feel completely different this time round so I think we are having a boy!
I had an amnio last time due to a bad 12 week scan, so I knew we the future was bleak for my little girl, however this time, if there are no obvious reasons at the scan on tues, we won't have an amnio again as it has taken us so long to get here!
I am amazed as I had visions of this child being born and everyone rallying round mothercare to buy everything on the day ( just fear of what happened before) but I have bought a few things already.
Lovely to meet you!

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hi nice to meet you as well!!!!

by a "scan" you mean ultrasound right?

so sorry to hear about your daughter..... I bet that was tough.I had a friend who's baby was born a little early, and very sick. she passed at 2 days old. so I know what you went through. and hope that you have gained peace in knowing she is in heaven.

big congrats on your pregnancy now
praying you have a happy and healthy 9 months!!

yes, i also feel very young...and am hoping that everything works out good.
for me and you both!!

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I just turned 35 on the 18th and I'm finding this pregnancy harder than my last. I had twins 7 years ago.

We lost our daughter last December. If we had had her, I would have been done before turning 35. This will be our last baby, as I don't see myself being able to do this again. I feel like I'm a million years old!

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Be careful with saying yes to any bloodwork they want to do if you won't have an amino. The false positive rate on the bloodwork is too high, in my opinion, especially in mothers of "advanced maternal age" like us. I was offered the triple screen when I was 25, 27 and 31, but I said no because I knew I would not have an amino, and so an abnormal tipple screen would worry me unnecessarily until birth. I've known women who had abnormal triple screens and did have amnios and just waiting for the amino results was hard enough. This time I am 36 and my OB told me that the false positive rate for the bloodwork is unacceptably high for us, so that they don't even recommend the triple screen anymore for patients in our age group. She said they just go straight to the amino now, if we want screening (so she did not even offer me the usual blood work), and I said no thank you to the amino. She did mention the new blood test that looks for fetal cells in my blood and then tests their chromosomes, but said it is still considered experimental, so insurance won't cover it and it costs several hundred dollars.

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Congrats ladies I've just turned 37 and I'm pregnant with my first. I feel pretty great physically considering I'm "old maternal age"!!
Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months for us "young" gals!

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