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Here we go again

So I was 34 when I had DS and after an early mc last Xmas I am now 7 weeks pregnant at 36, (37 in Jan) Feel cack right now queasy and tired. I remember DS being tough in the early days, and think its gonna be twice as hard and I'm actually a bit scared!

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Congrats and good luck! I hate the worrying as well. I tell myself to take it one day at a time, and the only times I can actually take that advice are when I'm too sick to lift my head off the pillow, blah.

Take good care of yourself.

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This pregnancy is kicking my a**e too, I'm 36, last pregnancy was 4 years ago and I honestly didn't feel it then, even though there was 10 years before that pregnancy.
I'm sooooo tired all the time, no energy and I'm only 10 weeks!
I also have the joy of spd to look forward too soon, but I wouldn't change to for the world,
Have to remind myself how much I desperately want this and how lucky I am.
I'm scared too, worried how my body will cope with the labour and after the birth, how hard it will be returning to my former shape, if my age will make it that much harder,

This is the last one for me, so I want to savour every moment but these things are on my mind.

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Ttc tww

I'm new to this but I'm going a bit crazy and wanted to reach out. I'm currently 13dpo and I received a negative test result on Monday which has sent me into a stressful worry place so I'm going to wait till Friday to test again. I had a MC 1 year ago and Ectopic 6 months ago and did methotrexate which ruined my left tube anyway. I feel like I'm having the same symptoms as the last time and I'm scared. How does anyone go through this over and over and stay clam? I'm 37 and this is the last try before we proceed to IVF. Anyone have some wisdom for me?

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I was twice as sick with this pregnancy up until 14 weeks it was awful and I was on meds BUT since the sickness lifted its been a breeze compared to my last pregnancy. Hang in there!

Emme2 maybe start a new thread in the TTC over 35 forum?

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