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Old Apr 19th, 2016, 09:17 AM   21
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I was 31 when I had DD, and it took us three plus years of trying to get pregnant with this little man, and I just had him last week at 36.

I wouldn't change a thing. In my early twenties, I was married to someone I would not have kids with, and didn't meet DH until I was 27. We had a few years together before having our daughter, so it worked out perfectly for us. He's already talking about number three and our little guy was born last week. :P

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Old Jul 17th, 2016, 18:31 PM   22
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I honestly think there are pros and cons to having kids young and having kids older, and all in between. I am 37. I have kids 11, 5, and 2. I am busy and tired but I don't know that it would be different if I were younger.

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Old Jul 18th, 2016, 12:47 PM   23
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I'd definitely do it again... in fact, I am! I was 35 when I had DS1, 37 for DS2. I am 41 now and will still be 41 when this baby arrives (fingers crossed).

My only regret is that perhaps if I had them a bit younger I wouldn't have had my MCs (2 last year), but who knows? Younger women do have MCs too.

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The only thing different if I could change anything would be this would be baby no 5 rather than 2 my three angels would be with us as well

I did say no more it was to heartbreaking but here we are 40 and pregnant everything happens for a reason and I also say never say never who knows after this pregnancy what will happen though I darent say that to OH I think he would collapse if he knew I wasnt adverse to another whilst still growing this one

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I have no regrets having had my boys over 40 except that now I am too old to have more. I do wish I were 10 years younger for that reason alone.

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Originally Posted by Lizzybee View Post
If you knew what you know now would you have a child after 35?
I have one already but will be at least 37 if OH agrees to have another.
Should I just be happy with what I've got and forget about having #2? I know no-one can answer that but I'm interested to know what it is like truthfully to have 2 young children in your late 30's.
My mums best friend had her 2 children after she turned 38, the only thing she has struggled with is the teen years but i don't think they are easy for anyone xx Go for it! I started in my early 20's but if i hadn't had them then, would have started in my 30's no problems xx

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