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Hello ladies!

Great idea re: facebook group/staying in touch. Miss B I will also pm you my details! I go on facebook quite a lot :-P

Work here has been extra busy since I had a collaborator visiting me and I'm trying to get a paper submitted before baby arrives. I have another job application to prepare for, but haven't started. Starting to worry a bit about that now, but there's still time. Assuming baby doesn't arrive super early!

Good luck at your scan dimmu! I hope the baby has flipped the right way 'round. The piles sound dreadful this is the time when expecting mamas are supposed to be able to get some rest! I hope the cream works for you and the pain subsides soon!
I suppose your leave starts very soon! Less than 2 weeks no?

I saw my midwife this past week and she said I could discuss setting a potential c-section date the next time I see an OB (early June). Since I'm a bit worried about vaccinations (we are set to fly overseas once the baby is around 6 weeks old), I might schedule one for July 15. That way baby can have vaccinations before we fly. We'll be overseas for a month so I feel more comfortable doing that. However, I did get the whooping cough booster, which is the main thing I'm worried about bubs catching. So not sure if I really want to 'force' a c-section by the 15th if I don't have to! Even though there's a good chance I'll need one anyway. Arg... still want to go for natural birth but I'm also ok with the section if it ends up being the safest option for baby.

I heard that in addition to nipple stimulation, eating about 6 dates per day from 36 weeks onward can help with bringing on labour. There was some study done and women who ate the dates tended to show up at the hospital slightly more dilated and required less intervention. I think I need to find some date fruit!

Cute scan pic JJay! I have no idea about guessing the sex. If you think the baby looks like DS then maybe it is a boy? I feel like this baby looks like DS2, so yet another reason why I think boy. Also most people I meet say "I think you're having a boy" Do you get that too?

That's exciting you are building a new house on your property!
The GD indeed seems like a full time job just to keep up with all the monitoring. Congrats on the weight gain though - sounds like you are managing really well! How cool to have a c-section (almost) date planned!
Congrats on selling your company! Good timing! Glad that worked out in time for third baby's arrival.

Miss b - wow first pregnancy with no heat or hot water... yikes! Sounds rough.
Thanks for offering to set up a group - I will send you my info.

Sorry about your sinus infection AND pink eye, Megan! That sucks. Sometimes those eye infections take ages to go away completely (in my experience). Have you had/considered surgery for your sinuses? Some people say it's a waste of time/money (I have no opinion). My husband had terrible sinus trouble and eventually had surgery, which helped a bit but not a significant improvement. Good luck - hope it clears up soon on its own.

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Miss Bellum
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Think I have now successfully managed to set up a fb group.

Sorry to hear you've been ill Megan sounds rough hope you feel better soon. I love feeling the kicks too, makes it seem a bit more real.

Good luck for your scan tomorrow Dimmu x

Eva - work does sound hectic. Seems really strange to hear about booking for c-sections, its come round so fast! Interesting about the dates thing. Not something I needed to worry about first time but could be different this time!

Definitely enjoying having a habitable house this time round.

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Miss B I've PMed you re Facebook too - thank you for setting the group up!

No heating or kitchen for your first pregnancy sounds tough! I'm usually quite laid back but when it gets close to delivery I'm crazy nesting lady and everything has to be organised and Spring cleaned!

I'm finishing handover at work next week then it's half term and after that it's project baby stuff, hospital bag and Spring clean!

Dimmu, I've been thinking about you today - I hope your scan went well and that baby is in a good position.

So sorry you're having a hard time with piles and heartburn I have started to feel pretty heavily pregnant now and am getting out of breath and a sore back if I spend too much time on my feet.

Eva, sorry you're having such a busy time at work - not ideal when you should be able to relax a bit before baby arrives. I think baby looks like a boy on my scan pic but I also thought boy with DD and DS so I've been right 50% of the time! I'm getting guesses for both from people so really feel like it's 50/50! We need to start thinking seriously about names as haven't really settled on anything yet. I hadn't heard about the date thing - I tried everything else with DD and DS but they both stayed stubbornly put until 42 weeks - it will be strange having this one 3+ weeks earlier than that!

Megan, I hope you're feeling better. It's rubbish being ill when pregnant and not allowed to take drugs. I will have my fingers crossed for you the GD test comes back clear. I am feeling better since I started taking insulin and although I'm not going crazy it's nice to be able to eat biscuits and desserts again! It's lovely feeling the strong kicks! DD has felt kicks and hiccups a couple of times and thinks it's hilarious!

I'm off to bed now - feeling tired this weekend as it was DDs 5th birthday on Friday so we've been celebrating that and also have the inlaws to stay. Night night

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Good morning everyone, hope you've been having a lovely weekend.

We had our scan yesterday and the baby looks perfect! And it turns I was right about the twinges I've been feeling down there and the sudden horrid hemorrhoid situation, she's head down!! So obviously that's why the hemorrhoid situation suddenly got so bad, it's the extra weight in there as I haven't been constipated. She did her best to leave me guessing though as I could still feel movements on my sides simultaneously, the little monkey is head down but sideways, so her back and bum is on my left and she keeps kicking my right and that's why I still feel her on both sides. But as long as she's head down that's the main thing, hopefully I have another natural delivery on its way.
We didn't get a very good glimpse of the baby as she had her hands in front of her face, but from what we could see she looks like a mix of DD and DH, nothing like me at all.
The cream has thankfully vastly improved the piles situation. It's not healed them completely but it no longer feels like being continuously stabbed in the bum with a hot knife and I've been able to sleep again at night.
So I'm certainly a lot happier than I was earlier this week, and it does also help that I only have seven working days left!

Megan- I hope you are feeling better, sounds like you've been having a rough time as well. It's wonderful when you start feeling the kicks, I always love that even when they hurt!

Eva- sorry to hear your work is still so hectic, hopefully things will get better soon. I would probably book the C section as I also wouldn't want to fly with an unvaccinated baby. Planes are such breeding grounds for all sorts, I had chicken pox ten years ago and I'm convinced I caught it from flying. I flew within Europe about a week before my symptoms started and I had definitely not been around anyone with chickenpox otherwise.

Miss B- hope you are doing well. Will be nice to be able to catch up on that facebook group as well in the future.

Jjay - Hope your DD had a lovely birthday! Did you have a big party or just with family? Until now we've only done a small party in our home for DD on her birthdays but she's already saying she wants a bigger one next time. I'm with you about the baby stuff, hospital bag etc. Just looking forward to finishing work so that I can give our flat a deep clean and start buying and preparing things, haven't done anything yet. I'm gonna try anything I can from 38 weeks onwards to encourage the labour, and will also start drinking some rasberry leaf tea soon.
Can't believe how quickly it's gone and we are already discussing delivery!

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