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Getting back into shape Questions

I have a question about bouncing back after birth and getting back into shape! With my first child, I gained 20lbs (I'm 5'1) and I was back in shape just weeks after without much of an effort. But I had him at age 27 and so I was young and still nimble haha. I'm worried that now I am older (am 32 now and not even preggers yet) so it will be hard to bounce back - not worried about the weightloss as much but just the shape changing, hardder to get rid of tummy, thigh issues, etc etc... Sp just wonderin:

1) Was it harder for you to get back into shape after baby #2? What was the difference between #1 and #2?
2) Was it harder for you to get back into shape the older you were when pregnant or doesn't matter?

Thanks ladies!

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I somehow think that after the first its easier. I'm prego with nr 2 and feel that I'm gaining more then last time. I'm 3 years older as well now at 37!! With my first I was back at preprego weight after 4 months without doing anything.

I do believe it'll be harder, but it all depends on your pregnancy & is unpredictable. Some woman gain 15lbs with 1st & 35lbs with 2nd. Some women slim right down, for others it takes effort & diet.

I'm pretty sure I'll be in the latter group.

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