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Originally Posted by 6lilpigs View Post
If its a singleton pregnancy then you should in general find it easier despite being older, I have just had our latest at 39 and found it no less or more difficult than the rest really Congratulations btw! Whens your 1st scan??
Hi there, I't been a crazy week. both my twins came down with RSV and my boy was hospitalized for 4 days. I am just getting back to a more normal schedule today.....

I had my u/s last Tuesday and there was no HB. I was 7+4.

My blood work:
HGC >10,000
P4 11.65
E2 338

the baby was measuring 6+5

My RE said that the yolk sac was larger than the baby and it appears that the baby may have already started to deteriorate. She said in her experience when the yolk sac was larger it typically indicated a chromosomal abnormality. However, she wants to do another u/s this coming Tuesday to double check for a HB before i discontinue meds. She said there was a possibility that the baby implanted late..

I have been nervous about this pg as my E2 and P4 levels have been low the entire time and now declining. My HCG slowed doubling time quite early to 116 hours or more around day 27.

I am not holding out much hope that this pregnancy will survive but I am very happy to be proven wrong.

My blood work from Friday just 4 days after the u/s at 8+0
HCG >10,000
P4 13.14
E2 318.4

I am on Progesterone suppositories twice a day since 3+4

We shall see what the future holds.

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