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Negative test/ positive I'm pregnant

Unprotected sex 4/3/16 first symptom 7 days later crying like someone died for nothing smh... Nooo too early to have symptoms. Extreme bloating... Woooo what is this...Severe fatigue heartburn bloating headaches gas crying craving I only want to eat chicken potatoes & grapes. Day 10 fluttering oh wow I remember that from my pregnancy with my daughter. Took test negative.. Just have this feeling this is not right. Can't really explain it but I just "know" I'm pregnant... Day 14 taking naps twice a day... VERY vivid dreams with every nap hot flashes & frequent urination. Waves of nausea but very limited... Day 18 breast very sensitive, acky & full.... Day 20 took my daughter to SeaWorld staring getting dizzy & could fall asleep standing up... Day 24 started feeling pulling or tightness on my left side right under my ribs like my abdomen muscles are tight in one spot... Day 25 when to clinic (4/28/16 today) negative pregnancy test 😳... I insisted on a blood test the nurses & technicians have me dirty looks... The technician said she had never done a negative urine pregnancy test & received a positive blood test result 😠 then they said it is too early for symptoms...but they gave me one now waiting for the results... Am I crazy? I was not trying to get pregnant so this is not in my head... I'm 47 & they were saying I can be perimenopausal not pregnant I would believe that but I had NO perimenopausal symptoms before unprotected sex... I also found out I was pregnant with my daughter at 5 weeks the dr even said it was very early... I just seem to feel this immediately. Can anyone relate? Anyone else get a negative test early on, felt symptoms & then tested positive? Please help?

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It is rare but there are women whos urine doesnt show positive. Most women will get a positive within about two weeks of having sex if they are pregnant.

It does seem more likely there is another cause but I know what its like to be sure you are pregnant. I was convinced I was pregnant from about 6dpo my last pregnancy. I got a positive 3 days later.

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Sounds like some hormonal changes to me like what they told you, but you never know.

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I would say other than the nausea and exhaustion, many of those symptoms would be something you'd get much later on in pregnancy and I would suspect if you're getting all that all together, it's probably more likely it's just your mind playing tricks on you and perhaps just a mix of other hormonal changes. I'm assuming you haven't gotten a period and you generally have regular periods? Definitely by now you would be able to get an accurate reading on any urine test. And if you're 25 days past when you might have conceived, it would be pretty obvious that you hadn't gotten a period and were pregnant. I got a very clear positive at only 10 days past conception.

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