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Originally Posted by Bekalinda73 View Post
Thank you all!!! It was a drama in the end... Now I'm worried because I seem to have PMS symptoms and feel my period could well be on its way!!! I've only had at the miscarriage on 22nd April and started ovulating on 4th May, so my husband and I had sex on the 2nd May (before ovulation), 5th May & 8th May... Today is the 10th May and why am I possibly having my period again so soon after the miscarriage? Or is it not the period? I feel tired, sleepy, bloated, spots on my face, sore breasts and I think I'm spotting too... Brownish discharge but very discreet... I fear it could be the period again... I know my body too well! What do you think? Thanks!
So you would be about 6dpo if you ovulated on the 4th? could be implantation spotting.

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Definitely not too late, i had my 3rd child at 37 and now at 41 I'm 31 weeks pregnant Hope all works out for you!

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Its definetely not too late! Im 45 and pregnant naturally withmy 4th child after being on fertility meds, IVF and 6 IUIs. I gave up everything cause the doc said I would never get pregnant naturally and it would have to be with an insemination. I was worn out from trying so I just quit. About 6 months later I ended up pregnant. Im now almost 21 weeks and everythings going fine. The only thing I was taking was some extra vitamins the doc put me on. Vitamin D3, Chewable Vitamin B Complex with added C, Fish Oil, Regular multi vitamin and Folic acid.

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Best of luck. I was told I couldn't have kids and then I got pregnant at age 40 and had a missed miscarriage. Got pregnant again at age 42 and 43 with miscarriages. Decided that I was too old and went through grief counseling to work through the heartache of never having had a child. Two months before turning 46 I found out I was pregnant. I wasn't trying. No meds or anything. Gave birth to a healthy baby girl at age 46. She's now 3 and I'll be 50 in December. So no, it's not too late. You just have to catch one good egg. Best of luck to you!

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