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My good experience with amnio today

I had my amnio today and it wasn't too bad, sure glad it is done though! It was about the same level of pain as getting blood drawn with a mild twinge of cramps. I'll get my results in 2 weeks. My screening test is low risk but I am on the older side and really wanted to know for sure.

The doctor explained to me that the latest data showed the miscarriage risk was 1 in 800 or lower and that she's personally never seen an an amnio that was done just for screening purposes miscarry. She said that the few she has heard of who miscarried have been pregnancies with low levels of amniotic fluid or had significant complications to begin with and were getting the amnio for that reason. This made me feel a lot better.

Just thought I would post for anyone that has one coming up and is worried about what to expect.

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Thanks for sharing your experience teaandme

It's something I may have to consider but will see when the time comes x

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