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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I am 43. I'll be 44 when this baby is born. It's my first and I'm happy as a clam. After 4 losses as long as I still feel young (and I do) I don't even think about my actual age. I'm just happy to be pregnant!!

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Mum (Mom)
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I'm 36 and having a baby this December. I will tell you though, that I do not feel old at all.

In my community, women generally do not get married or have babies that young. I only have one friend who has a teenager, 'cause she married very young. My child will be at the max 5 years younger than my friends' kids. I have friends and cousins my age, who are still trying for a baby.

We usually settle for just one, never try for another, so if I get pregnant after this one, that'll be a surprise

It is just a matter of perspective. You're having a baby, there is no right or wrong time for that, enjoy the ride sweetheart!

Good luck to all of you

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