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Oops - I did it again

So..... expecting #5, will be 38 or 39 when this one is born. You would think after having 4 I would know how to prevent surprises, but I definitely believe everything happens for a reason.

Currently stressing about how in the world I can give quality time to all of the kids (DD1 - 9, DD2 - 6, DS1 - 4, DD3 - 2), but the strangest thing has happened this week. After being out of sorts and starting to freak out that maybe I was pregnant, and being quite a harpy at home, I took the test - got the + freaked out completely (by myself), and then .... got calm. Had one of the best nights ever dealing with the normal stress of dinner time and 4 kids who seem to know exactly what not to do, without losing my temper. So I have hope I won't totally lose it

Anyone else out there adding to their family unexpectedly? Any tips for dealing with so many young children AND a pregnancy?

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I can't completely relate as I'm pregnant with #1, BUT I wanted to say your subject line made me laugh out loud! And now I have that song in my head!

Not sure if this helps, but I was 9 when my youngest brother was born (we are 4 total). I vividly remember the day she went into labour because she spilled an entire jug of grape juice on the kitchen floor at breakfast time! I never felt like my mom didn't have time for me, and actually it was fun to help take care of my little baby brother My mom always said that when you have that many kids, there's a good chance that at least one of them is behaving! Good luck to you, you've got this!

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It'll work out 😃 ours was planned but we've also had a few 'oops!' BAbys so can relate to the shock and the 'how will I manage?!' Thoughts... But you do, you just do 😊 congratulations x

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