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Old Feb 21st, 2017, 10:18 AM   11
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I often feel old because I work with a lot of millennials and the generational differences can be fairly stark sometimes. However, I don't feel so old about being a first time mom because I have many friends around my age who just had kids themselves. I also have an 8 year old step-son, so I don't look so much like an older new mom to others.

I think a lot of woman these days are waiting to be successful in their careers or at least very stable in their lives before bringing a kid into it.

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Old Feb 27th, 2017, 03:43 AM   12
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I certainly don't feel like I'm 40, I don't look it. Eek it still sounds wrong when I say 'I'm 40' it just can't be possible! I was only 30 what feels like a couple of years ago! So yes I think she is somewhat a state of mind!

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Old May 30th, 2017, 16:38 PM   13
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Advice from my Grandma: You're only as old as you feel.

Im 35, pregnant with my second and feel too old for this lol but Im really not, its just my attitude

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Old May 23rd, 2018, 08:02 AM   14
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Honestly, I think it's societal pressure. People are living much longer than they used to with medical technology advancing. Yet, we (anyone over 35) are still treated like it's unacceptable especially by the doctors!!! Which makes us (or at least ME) feel like there's something wrong with it. Even though it's constantly on the news that women are waiting until they're older; it's like a trend.

Personally, I think that women having "second families" when in homes with teenagers helps immensely because teens get to live the reality of babies, thus putting them off of the glamour of it.

Additionally, it's a social class thing. As a student of Sociology and whether people like it or not, or agree with it or not, there are social classes; it's not just money, it's mind frame, which is backed by money. Among higher social status you establish yourself first! Then you settle down. Being someone who has mingled between lower class and upper middle class I can personally vouch for the statistics. If I were being treated by middle class doctors pregnancy at my age would be normal.

There are many factors and, yes, I believe it's mostly societal. If we are constantly made to feel like we're wrong then we do. I am forced to "worry" about myself in specific ways even though that's not how I truly feel. Age isn't "just a number" it's a pressure inflicted by others. It's used against us always! Truth is: you're only as old as you feel!!! Which is true because my aunt always wanted to be respected like an elderly woman, her hair was completely gray by the time she was 28 years old. I'm 40 and pass for as young as 27; mostly because I don't WANT to be old. In spite of age I feel like there's a life I haven't yet lived.

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Old May 23rd, 2018, 10:02 AM   15
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I think you can have a young spirit at any age. Eventually no matter how young your spirit is age is going to catch up with your body. I wouldn't say I feel old as such but pregnancy has gotten harder on my body as I got older. Even with a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle you can't stop the clock.

I do joke that I feel old in a social sense sometimes. When you don't recognise the latest pop stars and think teen fashion looks stupid you know things have changed, lol.

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Old Jun 27th, 2018, 11:52 AM   16
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Honestly, I didn't feel old until I became a parent, LOL. I think the constant state of sleep deprivation I've been would make a 15 year old feel old.

But honestly, here's what gets my goat: women have been having babies until menopause since they've lived to menopause! Catherine Parr (Henry VIII's 6th wife) had her first child at 35/36. That was in 1548. Lucille Ball had her first in 1951, just a month before she turned 40. But in 2018, with all of our medical advancements and longer lifespans, you're "so old" to have a child after 35. Whatever.

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Old Jun 27th, 2018, 12:03 PM   17
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I would have preferred to be a young mom, but that is obviously not in the cards for me.

I donít feel old at 40, and I also look much younger, probably because I wasnít a young mom.

If anybody gives me crap about this, Iím going to whip out the stare of death. If they continue, I may start describing miscarriages in detail. That should end the conversation quickly!

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Old Jul 13th, 2018, 08:40 AM   18
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I think age is a state of mind. I began working at 17 along side a very diverse group of people ranging from my own age right through to their 60s, they never made me feel young and unappreciated and I never felt they were old and beyond the work we were doing. We all socialised together and discussed a very wide variety of subjects. Fast forward 30 years and here I am approaching 50 working with a hugely mixed group of people with a 50 year age span and I don't think of any of them being too young to have valid opinions and I don't think of myself as being so experienced as not to take on board their ideas...
I had a fantastic pregnancy at 41 and found myself offering support and encouragement to 2 pregnant friends - one 28 the other 30, both were having difficult times, exhausted and really not coping, I was working 50 hours over 6 days enjoying a busy social life and decorating a new home for myself and my baby (as a solo parent - they both had partners).
So here I am about to turn 50 - I am tired, is this to do with my age??? I'm a solo parent, I work as a manger in a busy constantly changing environment, I'm looking after a sick friends daughters while she's in hospital as well as my own son and my disabled sister. I think this means I'm doing about 4 times more with my time than I was when I was when I was 20/30/40, so I think it's safe to say my tiredness is less age related and far more life/circumstances related. ALL THIS SAID AND TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT I STILL DON'T FEEL ANY OLDER THAN I DID AT 25!!!

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