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I often feel old because I work with a lot of millennials and the generational differences can be fairly stark sometimes. However, I don't feel so old about being a first time mom because I have many friends around my age who just had kids themselves. I also have an 8 year old step-son, so I don't look so much like an older new mom to others.

I think a lot of woman these days are waiting to be successful in their careers or at least very stable in their lives before bringing a kid into it.

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I certainly don't feel like I'm 40, I don't look it. Eek it still sounds wrong when I say 'I'm 40' it just can't be possible! I was only 30 what feels like a couple of years ago! So yes I think she is somewhat a state of mind!

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Advice from my Grandma: You're only as old as you feel.

Im 35, pregnant with my second and feel too old for this lol but Im really not, its just my attitude

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