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NT Screening Results

Just curious what your results were for you older ladies.

I got mine back on Friday. Im 38, will be 39 when I have this baby

Down syndrome 1 in 1400
Edwards & Patu 1 in 100,000

Im really happy with that because my age alone the odds were 1 in 160 for downs.


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Mine were all <1/10 000.
I’ll be 40 giving birth.

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When I was pregnant with dd, they didn't even bother with the NT. Based on age alone (46 when I gave birth) 1:17 for Downs and 1:11 for Edwards and Patu, so we skipped the NT and just did the MaterniT21 test which gives results and not odds. Baby girl was born 4 years ago healthy as can be. Congratulations! Things sure get a bit scarier as we age. I certainly feel blessed.

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Just got a call a few days ago my odds are

1/225 for Down Syndrome which is a 'positive' screen. Quite scared. Normal results for everything else.

Baby's NT measurement was under 2 and good. I am going to be 34 when I I'm wondering if that made my results even worse? They factor in age right? Since the measurements were good my bloods must be bad.

Now going NIPT/Harmony to get more conclusive results. Wouldn't offer it before as I'm under 35. But barely haha!

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