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Screening tests and NIPT

Hi ladies... iv been absent from the board as iv been so ill. Iv been diagnosed with hyperemesis and itís kicked me butt in a big way. Iv been hospitalised twice for dehydration.

Iím 13 +3 and last week we had our 12 week scan. The scan went great, sonographer said everything looked normal for this stage. We had the nuchal test and the measurement was 1.2.. so also a good normal measurement. Hopped off to get my bloods done and awaited the results.

This is my third pregnancy. Iím 36- I had twins 13 years ago and 6 years ago my son. I do suffer with morning sickness quite badly but nothing to this time around experience.

My results came back on Friday as:

1:165 for Down syndrome
1:10000 for the other trisomys

Congratulations you are low risk.

Now yes I saw the low risk part, but instantly panicked. The cut of for high risk is 1:150 so Iím still rather close to that and I do recall with my son I was something like 1:6000.

I called the dr on the letter and she was lovely and very factual. She said that my hcg levels were double what theyíd typically see at this stage and my Papp-a was a little low. So adding those to my age gave me my risk number.

Iím now booked for the harmony test for further assessment.

No judgment ladies needed, but we wouldnít continue with this pregnancy should the baby have DS or another genetic disorder for reasons that I wonít go into.

As you can imagine Iím going out my mind, coupled with my hyperemesis Iím a bloody mess.

I guess Iím after input from anyone thatís been through this ?

Google is a blinkin nightmare


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So, I'll be 36 when this baby is born. I haven't been through the same level of risk, but the harmony test will give you a little bit more accurate data. I did the MaterniT21 test, which also gives data about chromosomal abnormalities. The test will give you a lot more information about how likely it is that your child will have DS, and for me, it gave me significant peace of mind.

I know seeing a number like 1:165 can be really scary. But remember, that this is just a statistic; it is still highly likely that your baby will not have any chromosomal abnormalities. Good luck, and I hope you get the test back quickly so you can have more information.

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