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cat is acting weird

Since I started second tri, my Kitty cat has been acting a bit strange, here's what she's been doing that she never did before the pregnancy:

She hovers on the edge of her litter tray so the poo goes on the carpet (I've watched her do it, she is very precisely about her positioning and she doesn't try and cover it up either)

She's started being very evasive towards people, apart from me.

She often tips the bin over then walks away with her head held high

She climbs places she knows fine well she shouldn't be

I've had her checked by a vet, she's in perfect health.
I don't know what to do, but I feel as though it's a negative reaction towards the baby.

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maybe the cat is sensing something is going to change or has changed!
my cats became very "boiler ish" pretty much as soon as i found out i was pregnant, this happened this time and with my daughter!
very weird!

they have calmed down now thankfully!

give the catlots of fuss and im sure it will be fine


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My female cat has become very mardy with me - considering she was feral it's a bit weird. My boy cat couldn't care less!

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Lol my cat's upset with my pregnancy too! Keeps leaving his business in random places....i'm sure he knows I'm not allowed to clear it up!

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My cats wont leave me alone! Constantly by my side and following me everywhere - including the toilet!

It's like they are protecting me

Love my fur babies!

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Mine has pretty normal until these past few days. He's a pretty independent cat, and mostly will just come around for a few pets, and the go back on his way. These past few days he is trying to climb on me while I sleep and follows me around the house meowing incessantly. He's just very needy. I wonder if he can sense the change in my body leading up to labor or anything.

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She knows that something is diffrent, my dogs spend a lot of time sniffing my stomach.

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i dont own any pets but quite a few of my neighbours cats are suddenly sniffing round and following me when i'm out in the garden especially one in particular when i go out for a walk it's always waiting for me at my front door when i get back! and bringing me 'presents' choked up remains of some mouse or bird. lovely. i don't fuss over these cats or feed them atall so no idea what is going on

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