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Over 16 weeks and still sick :(

Hi ladies,

I am currently 16+1, due 20/12/2012 and wondered if there was anyone else out there was still suffering with morning/all day sickness? Feeling very fed up with it now and would love to hear when your sickness stopped or things other than the usual ginger, sea bands, fizzy drinks which worked for you. Reluctant to take any anti-sickness meds... But struggling with work and still having to get my poor husband to think up and cook for us.

All I can eat is bland pasta, biscuits and plain things. Completely off meat and loads of other things still, so much so that I can't open the fridge without being sick. Also struggling to drink water at all.

Interested in you experiences. Thanks!

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Hi hun,
nothing really constructive, I just wanted to say I have felt your pain! I have only just stopped being sick regularly. It was truly awful.
I haven't found that any of the regular things have helped me (ginger etc.) and have really had to just try to wait it out as I was determined not to talk medication for it.
All I'd advise hun is to try to take your vitamin whenever you can keep it down and whenever you get a chance or craving to eat something just go for it!
The main thing is staying hydrated so just sip (small small sips) water throughout the day.
Really sorry I couldn't suggest anything better but I have been through it too and it's awful so you have my sympathy.

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I'm in the same boat, mine didn't even start until I was 18 weeks preggo! I don't think I have any real tips I'm afraid, bland food seems the best option.

And try not to worry too much, I know that's easier said than done, but baby will be taking what it needs, it's just poor us that are suffering! Are you able to get a multivitamin down? Keep an eye on your fluid intake too, drink as much as you can and whatever you feel less sick with, you don't want to get dehydrated. If things are really bad then maybe speak to your midwife or gp about it?

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I am so with you! I am 26+2 and have been soooooo ill today ugh. Had it with son from 5w-37+4 (when born) and form 6w with this one. All day nausea and vomitting (which has eased and os not now daily but ugh )

** edit sorry nothing I have tried as helped and believe me I tried everything!!!

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I understand you not wanting to take medication for it, but if it doesn't ease off soon I'd seek help from the doctor if I were you. It's really important for you to get fluids down if nothing else. I was exactly the same as you in my last pregnancy, but when the sickness was as bad this time I went straight for the tablets! There's no way I could have coped with looking after my son and feeling that bad.
I can't think of anything else that helped, eating bread and drinking lemonade was the best I found. And don't eat anything that you don't fancy eating e.g. trying to force down a proper meal, it will only make you feel worse and you'll throw it up anyway so baby won't benefit either.

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My sickness didnt go away until I was damn near 18 weeks...I was pissed that it took that long to wear off!! So I was prescribed really really helped me weeks 6-14....

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Mine didn't go until over 20 weeks - and I'm not sure it's totally away, but I don't have the all day /every day nausea. Which for me was a major boost!

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Im still being sick once a day, but Ive been sick 4,5 times in the day around 10-14 weeks so enjoying the break!! x

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