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seeing white spots!!!


i am 13.5 weeks now so not quite in the 2nd tri yet but wanted to post my question here

yesterday i was out shopping and started to see white spots - when i read labels on food products all i could see was white spots, this lasted about 10-15 minutes - i also got a headache after which has only just disappeared this morning. i have also experiences abdominal pain and rib pain

just by chance i read about pre-eclampsia and the symptons and panicked

has anyone had this experience and it turned out to be okay?

i'm really worried as i heard this condition is common in late pregnancy, not this early

any advice would be much appreciated

thank you

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Probably just a migraine, ive had this before but if you're worried call your mw xx

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I had pre ecclampsia in my last 2 pregnancies so this time bought a BP moniter. For which I am gald.

I have had spots/blurry vision/ etc and a headache on a number of times but my BP has been fine. You can also get headaches and visual disturbances as part of pregnancy (I have had visual disturbances the whole way through so far). Or it could just be miargrane.

You should contact your mw/GP just incase though.

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