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Leg cramps - are you getting enough calcium & magnesium?

I've been suffering quite badly from leg cramps since 2nd tri began. Monday night I was in agony with cramps in both calves at one point and when I tried to ease them I got cramps in my toes and then hips too! I hardly slept at all because every time I moved they would cramp.

So I tell my MW yesterday and she says "are you getting enough calcium and magnesium?" I say "of course yes it's all in my prenatal (Pregnacare)". She said that multivitamins often don't contain enough of them so I should check the packaging. Well to my surprise she was right and there is only 150mg Magnesium and NO calcium in each tablet. The RDA for magnesium is 400mg and calcium is 1200mg.
Even though I do have milk on cereals and occasional yoghurt, I don't think I'm getting enough calcium. As for magnesium from pulses, wholegrains etc. I definitely don't get enough from food. In fact one website I read says even if you are super healthy you are still likely to be magnesium deficient.
And, of course, if I am deficient then so is baby!

So I started on a calcium/magnesium supplement called Osteocare made my the same people who do Pregnacare - only because I had no other choice in the supermarket. Just two days in and my constant leg cramping has disappeared!

Thought I would mention this in case anyone else is experiencing the same.

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I have been getting toe cramps and cramps in my calf muscles lately. It's annoying! I've heard it can be from being low on electrolytes and from being dehydrated also. I guess it means more calcium, magnesium, water and gatorade for us!

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