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haven't felt the baby move lately

I'm kinda nervous, for a little bit I was feeling lots of little flutters, and even a few more pronounced kicks, but for the past week or so, I haven't felt much movement at all. I was reading What To Expect When You're Expecting, and it said it was normal, but I'm just nervous. Does this happen to you girls? I have a doc appt on the 12th, and I'm sure everything will be ok, am I'm just worrying?

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I was just going through this.

I was feeling major kicks and flutters last week and all of sudden I didnt feel anything. I haden't felt anything for the past 4 days or I was just too busy and didn't feel them. I had my U/S and the baby was healthy and moving about, was actually higher than I thought. Around my belly button already .

I'm sure the baby is fine

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Burtonbaby and Jenny--- i was like that too in the begining so rest assured that it is perfectly normal === i started feeling baby around 18 1/2 weeks then not much for about a week or two after but when i did they seemed much stronger esp. at 20 weeks thats when mine became strongest--- course now if i dont feel them at 26 weeks i would be worried as the movements are more pronounced--- i really wouldnt worry about it until say 22-24 weeks
and of course ur not going to feel them all day every day sometimes he/she is more active/ sometimes he/she is sleeping === as long as u feel it he/she should be fine

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I first felt my lil one move around 18 weeks or so and felt movements off and on till 20 weeks. However there was a decrease around 20-22 weeks and then it picked up again. I think it's quite normal to have days or a week here and there with less movement. They say babies have their active and lazy moments even when they are in the womb

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