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prego belly or belly fat?

This seems stupid but I keep wondering if I'm pregnant but test says negative but I gained a lot of weight on my stomach and I think I look prego... also my stomach has been hurting for a few months now... I am on depo but was on antibiotics at the time I thought I got pregnant. I'm a heavy girl but I never gain my weight all in one area... my breast seem bigger too but I didn't gain noticeable weight anywhere else besides my breast and stomach. Aslo I can't fit into any of my jeans, not even jeans that used to be big on me! I now wear cotton pants or pjs all the time and teeshirts cuz my belly... I stay up till 5am every night cuz my stomach makes me feel so much discomfort and some pain. Also feel sick, headaches, neasea, food cravings... I feel like fluttering type feelings in my stomach too. I had a CAT scan in march cuz I told my doctor about my stomach pains and they didnt find anything wrong so I know its not something like a tumor... I want to get a blood test done but I won't have health insurance anymore after I turn 19 in 8 days... I'm gunna put some pix up of my stomach and I want u guys to tell me if it just looks like belly fat or if I look like I'm pregnant. plz help and I know I need a blood test but I can't unless I find a way where I can get it done free and I will go on Monday but just tell me if my stomach looks like a baby bump or just fat. I know theres got to be a difference between baby bump and fat...

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If home tests are coming back negative then i would go see a Dr and demand a blood test. Good luck i hope you find out either way

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Well if a pregnancy test says negative and the CAT scan showed nothing then I would say its pretty safe to assume you are not pregnant.
I know some people don't make the pregnancy hormone in their urine, but it's very rare, and I would have thought the CAT scan would have picked a baby up.

Have you considered IBS?
I used to have it really bad, and my belly would look HUGE and was sore all the time. Also the 'flutterings' of wind are very similar to baby flutterings.

I don't really know what else to suggest. If you were in the UK it would be easier, but I don't really understand the whole health insurance thing. Could you go to an ER or something?

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I'm 99.9% certain that a CT scan would show a baby if there was one there. I know the health system can be difficult in the US but is there not a free community clinic you can go to somewhere or go to the doctor quickly before you lose your health insurance?

How pregnant would you be, if you were? To be honest, baby bumps can vary hugely and some people don't even seem to have one for months, but look at your pics, it doesn't scream BABY at me. It could be, but it could also be bloating or food or just the way your body is shaped. I know before I was pregnant, and I was never very big, if I was a bit bloated or had eaten a lot, I could very easily look pregnant.

I hope you get to the bottom of this.

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Don't just go by what a pregnancy test says. I took five test and each one was negative. I still had this feeling that i was pregnant. I finally went to the doctor's and demaned a blood test and that was positive. I was five months along. The movement was a dead give away...if you feel that something is wrong try to find the answer to it....

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I'm not sure what kind of antibiotics you were on but out of the ten's possibly hundreds of different kinds available, there are only two that are known to interfere with oral contraception. As depo is not an oral contraception but is administered directly in to the muscle of the body it bypasses the digestive system meaning it is even less likely to be affected by antibiotics.

HOWEVER I would raise your symptoms
(not just the weight gain) with a doctor as you need definate answers about what is going on in your body.

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i cant see any pictuires to comment on them im afraid x

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i can't see ur pics either... but to me it sounds like more ibs or something like that.
i had a friend who had ibs that would make her stomach swell up nd she would look pregnant... couldn't fit into any of her normal clothes nd would be in agony.
altho sayin that... my grandma's body would never register she was pregnant nd even blood tests would show up negative until she was bout 5 months gone... she said she jus knew she was pregnant when her body made her quit smoking! but thats like a one in a million situation xx

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