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How do they do the AFI test

I am going back to the doctors next week and I am up for my AFI test. The nurse said it is to measure the ambiotic fluid. How do they do this? Is it through an ultrasound oo a needle?

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Nopr, it's just by scanning - they take some measurements of your uterus and do some calculations.
IN the UK this gets done as part of our 20 week scan (anomoly scan) - I'm not sure why they would do a spearate AFI scan, unless yours was low or high at a previous scan?

If you were having needle and taking fluid out, then that would be amniocentesis, but I think they would have to talk that through with you, it's not a routine test and that's to check for things in the water, which tell you if there are things like downs etc...

But if they've said it's an AFI check, that's done by scan (sonographer).

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Its just an ultrasound, they take four measurements of the fluid from four different areas around the baby and they work it out using these.

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