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gender reveal ideas!

i'm trying to think of ways to reveal the babies gender. it wont be to alot of people, probs 6ish people, but i want to do something different.
all i can think of is a cake with a coloured center, but i would like something a bit different to that as i know alot of people do that.

anyone got any ideas?

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Maybe you can give out little white boxes with a pink/blue mini balloon filled with helium. The balloon is something that has been done but little ones for everyone I think would be cute.

Or you could do a confetti shower thing where you have lots of pink/blue confetti in an overhead net and you pull the string and it all comes down.

Or a square envelope with a small hole in the back. You can put a long piece of white ribbon with the ends dyed pink/blue and your guests can pull the ribbon until they get to the colored bit

Hope that helps and sparks an idea you like ^.^

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I've looked into this, on Etsy and EBay etc you can get scratch cards that tell you the sex... Party popper with blue/pink streamers... Of course there's the cake idea....

I'll probably do the cake idea (make mini cupcakes and give people the individually), the helium balloon box (box is opened and out flys a Boy or Girl balloon, quite cheap which is what I need right now!)

Failing that how about cards? Like to grandma and grandad from your granddaughter/grandson?

I'm still thinking of ideas too, there was at one point fizzy tablets that you put in your drink (like the beroca vitamins?) and they fizzed blue or pink but I can't find them now...

A lot of stuff is in the US, gender reveal parties haven't hit the UK as such yet!

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im sending this letter/text to my parents saying:
Dear Granny,
Im writing you my christmas list,
Action man or barbie doll,
Which will be my fondest wish?
I think i would prefer...
And then Im going to write either action man or barbie lol and attach a picture of the scan Were having a private gender scan next weekend I cant wait xxxxxxx

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Aw Rozz1e that's so cute!

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