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Ankle/Leg Pain

I get a stabbing/throbbing pain in my ankle, at the back over my achilles tendon and all over the front of my foot and my legs hurt - usually when Ive been walking too much, or in the evening but last night I had it all night and its still there this morning (and so far Ive done nothing except BnB!)

My calves do not hurt.

Elevating my feet/legs doesnt help and last night I took paracetamol & that didnt help.

There is slight swelling over the front of my feet and round my ankles - isnt it too early to be swelling up tho?!

Ive been wearing comfortable flat shoes or barefeet and keeping my feet elevated when sat down.
Is it normal at this stage or not? Should I mention it to my mw at appt later today? (shes a b***h and I dont want to feel stupid for asking).

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I have a lot of ankle pain and popping knees, but I blame it all on the loosening joints.

When it becomes very strong I put my feet in cold water for a while and rub the ankles with some massage oil. Swimming helps too, but I haven't really had the time to go to the pool lately.

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