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really dark urine

i got the biggest fright this morning when I seen my urine was a really dark colour - my immediate thought was blood but there was no signs of this when I wiped..

My stomach/abdomen area feels a bit tender but there is no cramping as such

I have a doppler so had a listen with my husband - we didn't have much time but both thought we briefly heard the heartbeat - we didn't listen for long as it was hurting a bit to press on but i might have another listen later...

Has anyone else experienced this before? should I consult my mw or is this normal?


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It's usually caused by extreme dehydration, I would drink a lot and then see in an hour or so. If it doesn't help then seek medical advice xx

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I agree with pp. the lighter your urine is, the more your hydrated. Drink a big pint of water and see if the urine comes out lighter.
If it stays dark I'd call the GP or your midwife.

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I agree with the other ladies it sounds like you need to drink more. If you don't drink enough it can cause a uti so make sure you drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day xx

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Hi, was this first morning urine, as mine is very dark first thing? I do drink a lot of water in the day and my urine goes back to being quite pale. If you are concerned I would speak to your doctor/midwife just to be on the safe side xx

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I've just literally said the same about mine. Just had to do a sample at the Antenatal clinic and when I'd done it I was really surprised at how dark it was. No one said a thing tho.

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