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birth control options vs tubes tied after birth...

Hey ladies I'm trying to decide what to do. My dh and I are sure we are fine having children after our daughter is born in may but I'm not sure as that my doctor will tie my tubes being inn only 23. I'm terrible at the pill so that's not an option and I have shots so going every so many months for a bc shot is not good right Any suggestions or advice?

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We are facing the same thing. We were set with our 5th and here we are on baby number 6. Th Dr. talked to me about tying my tubes, but I have heard horror stories about it. I told her that I was not good at taking the pill, so she suggested the IUD, which is in place for 5 years at a time. I am leaning towards this, but will have to do more research on it before May comes. Not sure if this helps, I am sort of looking for suggestions myself.

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I'm going to try the copper IUD this time, I think it's good for 10 years.

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I would be very careful about getting your tubes tied at 23, even if you can get a doctor to agree to the procedure. I have personally known three women who got their tubes tied in their 20s after having two kids and then years later (each in a new relationship), they were each pursuing costly (and possibly unsuccessful) tubal reversal procedures. I thought my third baby would be my last but changed my mind just two years after he was born and I am in my mid-thirties. Having said that, I am confident that this fourth baby will be my last, and I too am struggling with what to do to prevent another pregnancy after I give birth.

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You could always have your dh get a vesectomy however I feel like 23 is awfully young to make that decision. I'm going to have my tubes tied or dh will have a vesectomy after our babies are born but we only wanted one more child and we got 2!!! Plus eh has 2 children from another marriage. Being your young I would either do and IUD or depo shot

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Its a personal decision, but It might be a good idea to discuss less permanent ideas with your doc. It's much easier for me...39 yrs old with 3 under five...I'm getting them tied!

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Hormones don't agree with my body at all. I am getting my tubes tied after I have my twins because I can't imagine myself being on BC until menopause.

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A vasectomy is much easier to recover from and a much more straightforward procedure than getting your tubes tied.

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I wouldnt get anything so permanent at your age (that sounds patronising, sorry I dont mean it to be). I had my fourth two days before my twenty-third birthday, I thought I was done but things changed and here I am at twenty-seven TTC my sixth x

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hun I'm 22 and I'm having a c section anyways so asked to get my tubes tied..

I have 3 step children who I pretty much adopted and having another one after this is not an option.

they told me that tying during a c section can be not as effective because od swelling already there etc. so thy said I can do it after or I can look at something else..

I am probably doing it afterwards ...
I'm fantastic on the pill but if a mistake happens I could never make the decision to not have it but at the same Time I can't imagine having more than 4 kids and I am so happy with this being my first and last baby of my own

whatever is right for u hun.. please think about it because it is a big decision but I know lots of people who have had ivf after changing their minds and all is fine...

hope this helps

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