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diarrhea 25 weeks pregnant.

This morning the first thing i had was soda..i started to feel nauseous so i jst thought it was because i only had soda. I ate some cereal but couldnt finish it because i felt sick and nauseous. Im thinking its just gas so i lay down but end up throwing up everything plus bile..becausse my stomach was already relatively empty after the first time i threw up.

I took a nap then woke up having really bad diarrhea..most of it was was A LOT of just liquid. I KNOW..TMI TMI.

I usually have these things happen to me yearly.

But now that im pregnant im kind of scared what should I do?

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Make sure you keep your fluid levels up and try eating something light like toast. If it stays like that, contact your GP.
My hubby is recovering from noro virus. I'm so scared ill get it as well! But if I would get it, there's nothing they can do and it goes away after 24/48hrs.
Hope you feel better soon!

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violet chase
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I've had them this last week too I don't know why! Just put it down to stress of Christmas as its eased off now though there is that norovirus going round! I read up on it in pregnancy and your mainly told to stay hydrated and if you can't eat solids try soup if it goes on longer than 48 hours see your doctor or ask midwife for advice

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I have random diarrhea sometimes, just the other day in fact. Midwife said as long as it doesn't last long just keep my fluids up and rest. For me, it is never more than one "incident", so I don't even worry at all.

Ironically, it was right after drinking a soda when I last had it. I drink one soda every day but this day it just really didn't hit me right.

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I had norovirus on Boxing Day night. The sickness and diarrhoea were pretty horrendous but only actually lasted a short while but it's left me feeling drained for days. I also passed out rushing to the bathroom in the night.
Like everyone else has said, drink plenty of fluids & rest & if it persists contact your doctor. If its just the vomiting bug there is no need to worry, just rest up. Hope you feel better soon.

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