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Discrimination at work, common when pregnant?

I don't want to go into too much detail but has anyone else experienced unfavourable comments, cut-backs etc now they are pregnant/ As if you're being seen as the one whose sodding off and don't care about the job?
I've had a few issues with my boss in particular, setting me up next year with a crap release time becuase I'll 'only have to put up with it for a short while' before I leave.
Rececently we discussed cover time for other people that has already been arranged and I was indicating that several occasions I may be out for a morning appointment etc (as is my right, my contract entitles me to attend antenatal classes as well as health related visits) and it was received with a huff of well we'll see if we have the budget for it. Excuse me but we have got rights being pregnant!.
Anyway, there have been other examples such as being overlooked next year for any sort of promotion because I 'wont be there' when I'm more than capaabe of managing. I do want to be a mum but I also enjoy my work and the treatment I'm receiving is putting me right off this workplace.

Is anyone else feeling this way or having similar experiences?

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I don't work, so I don't have any experience with that but do you guys not have a type of pregnancy discrimination law over there?

For instance, here we have the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) which basically states that pregnant women are to be treated as any other temporarily disabled employee. We have rights under the PDA and the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) that have to be adhered to by employers.

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It's been along time but with my first pregnancy i told my boss really early because of the type of job i did! a couple of weeks later and months before i started maternty leave i was sat down and told some young lad, who had only been there a few months, was gonna get the supervisors position that had come up! I was so shocked i never said anything, i had been there for a couple of years and now i had to take orders from some 18 year old jerk who i had trained!
My last few months were a nightmere as i knew he was getting more money than me and got to tell me what to do (all the crap jobs he never wanted to do himself).
I never went back because i think they treated me so bad and if i could do it over i would kick up such a fuss!
thats only what i think but i get so angry when i hear about other people being treated like that just because they are pregnant! xx

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My boss is essentially a kind man. But he does feel the need to make comments (regularly) about pregnancy hormones and how in reference to me everyone was should 'Just agree with her at the moment, ha ha'. Today a colleague seems to have picked up on it and accused me of being 'aggressive' (not even slightly - although I have got less tolerant but seeing as I am incredibly easy going usually I don't even see this as a bad thing!). Its mild stuff compared to what you read on here sometimes, but I think I would be within my rights to report him if I wished.

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I've been stumped for words at the reality of pregnancy vs work.

It simply stinks.

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Ahh yes the old pregnancy vs work dramas.

Just thought Id add my story as it is driving me crazy at the moment.
Right after everyone found out I was pregnant (at 12 weeks I told the General Manager and she cant keep her mouth shut and told everyone!) One of the other supervisors started telling the manager that I was not coping etc (even though I was doing 12hour functions, and other functions which normally require 2 people on my own) So the manager sat me down and said that concerns had been raised about my health and ability to cope so wanted to cut me back and only thought I would be working until about June if im already not coping. I got annouyed and said that I feel that my work has not changed, and the fact the two of my functions had sent letters to the hotel about how fantastic I am should be a testament to that shouldn't it. She quickly backtracked and said that she didnt know what was going on on the floor and just wanted to check with me!
Anyway there has been lots of little things since then which have driven me crazy, but was has really pee'd me off recently is:
As soon as I told then I was leaving they hired a guy to replace me as supervisor when I leave, which is fine, except he is getting sick of not being sup and asking me every shift we are on together when im going to start my leave, which is a little irritating, but nothing I cant handle. The problem is he is best buds with the new restaurant manager, who has now started telling other employees that it is not up to me when I go on leave and that he might send me soon. Which is wrong on so many fronts!! he is not allowd to talk to junior staff about my leave etc, they can only sigh me off if im not able to do my job, and atm I am still running rings around the manager!!

Sorry for the big rant, havnt really talked to anyone about all of this before

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Hello i have had the same issue. I was "let go " apparently because of no work to be done but my job is still being done by someone else now. I am currently filing a claim thought the human right in cananda and will be going to court. U do what u have to do. I was not going to let them get away with that on me.

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I find it discusting that there is discrimination against pregnant women in the work place (considering all the laws we have) I can't believe in this day and age it still happens!!

I am going through the same sort of thing at work i noticed my boss was "looking for me to go wrong all the time" nit picking and complaining about the smallest insignificant things! but i just dismissed it all as i thought i was being sensitive (and this is exactly what she would have said had i raised the subject) but i came across a few awful emails she had sent about me, confirming she was unhappy that i was pregnant and that it was a "set back" ect....

i was upset about it to start with but now i am going to take her through a greivance process on the grounds of pregnancy discrimination.

I know how you feel being put off your work place.... i dread having to go in every morning and spend every weekend worrying about it.... it's really not fair!

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