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had to write a letter to work

i have had such a bad back which is getting increasingly worse i think it must be sciatica as i get shooting pains down my legs.

i work in the evening pushing food trollys, emptying rubbish , pushing tea trolly etc and it kills my back. its a really difficult situation because they are being soo useless and keep putting me on huge wards !! even though i keep telling them i can only cope with small wards and i even got told off for asking for help with heavy rubbish bags !!!

i have had to write a letter to the manager which i didnt want to do but i just hope things will get sorted as i hate ringing in sick but my backs getting to the point where i cant sit or stand or walk so i do not know how i am supposed to push and swing heavy trollies round :/ i really wish i didnt have a bad back and i could just carry on as normal

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I hope your manager will be understanding, good luck!

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thats awful hun they shouldnt make u lift heavy things at all if you dont feel you can pregnant or not I hope you can get this sorted and telling you off for aasking for help is outragous sending u massive hugs

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Don't feel guilty - put it this way, they'd rather you were doing limited work than being off sick altogether. They just obviously need a bit of help realising that's what the compromise is. Some people always think they can just push staff to working harder

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I work in HR and have had to complete some maternity risk assessments & also being 24 weeks myself have a bit of experience. If you visit the HSE website, they have employer guidelines on conducting risk assessments and how they should be accomodating you. Perhaps it might be worth you giving the information to your manager, highlighting the bits that are relevant to you.
Don't let them tell you what you can/can't do - only you know how you feel & they are legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments to accomodate your pregnancy.

Hope this helps & I hope you feel better soon.


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