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Waking up every night with pins and needles in hands/arms

Like title says, it dosnt matter which way I lay either! I also keep getting this weird thing where just as I'm literally about to fall asleep I get this weird dropping feeling in my chest and I can't get to sleep or hours when that starts! Anyone else with weird night time things?

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I had exactly what you describe when I was pregnant with my last baby, I'm not experiencing it this time tho.

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I get the pins and needles in the arms, or worse yet, go past that stage where my arms will go completely numb. I believe it is due to increased blood volume constricting or compressing the vessels that supply your arms, similar to the increase in carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms in pregnancy (I have issues with this too).

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I haven't experienced this, but a good friend of mine just had her baby in December and while she was pregnant she got carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctor said it would go away after she had the baby and it did It would bother her mostly in the mornings and would get better during the day, but what you describe sounds just like what she described. So you may want to ask your doctor or midwife about it. Luckily, it did go away once she had her little boy. Good luck!!!

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