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Can I catch the Croup from a baby???

Hi ladies,
I am definitely going to call my midwife if my symptoms don't improve by Monday, but I just wanted opinions on if adults (especially pregnant ones) can catch Croup?

The child care center that I work at 2 days a week has a 6 month old boy who got diagnosed with Croup. He is miserable, can hardly breathe, coughs constantly, and cries in pain. I am not even sure why he is not kept home... but I am not in charge so I can't really make a comment to my supervisor.

On Thursday, I went there for 2 hours and mostly watched the other children while the primary care giver took care of the Croup baby. I did rock him in a rocker at one point, and put his dummie/pacifier back into his mouth twice when he cried without it. But I didn't touch my face or anything and I washed my hands before leaving the room. Yesterday I went to bed feeling really tired and woke up with a sore throat, congested head (more than usual, i'm always congested), aching body and head.

Now my sore throat is much worse, and itchy, and I'm having a hard time swallowing without pain. It's basically all the symptoms of a regular cold, except that baby was the only person I've been exposed to with any cold lately. So it pretty much has to be where it came from.

Can adults catch the Croup? Is it possible to just get a cold from a Croup infected child and not the actual Croup? I will be calling my midwife, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this....

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Sorry, I can't help. Feel better soon though!

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im sure you cant catch croup x

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My friend caught croup from his baby who caught it at day care. It is milder in adults, he just had a just sore throat and laryngitis.. I dont think adults get that weird cough.

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I looked this up as a friend's kid had it and didn't want to visit if was bad Adults will just get a cold if they catch it tho I guess is down to luck as to how bad you feel.

Babies make that horrid barking noise just because their windpipe etc it so small it distorts the sound.

If you feel awful then prob an idea to ring ur doc, and,I think u should say something to ur supervisor! Are there no rules about keeping kids at home if they're ill? Not fair to staff or other kids I would've thought?

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