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Costochondritis During Pregnancy

Anyone else have costochondritis? For anyone that doesn't know, costochondritis is inflammation of a rib or the cartilage connecting a rib. I was diagnosed with that years ago and now in my 17th week it's back, wondering if its pregnancy related and what can someone with it do to get some relief.

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Hi I had that years ago and ended up with a steroid injection direct into the cartilage it hurt like hell but was definitely worth it, I wasn't pregnant at the time though so not sure if they would give it to you now?.

However I was diagnosed with something similar in my first pregnancy, it was slipping rib syndrome and it was agony, nothing was working for relief and I went back to the doctors time and time again in the end he prescribed me lidocaine patches that you stick on the sore area. They were fab and helped ease the discomfort a lot!
It all completely disappeared once bubs was born


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I suffered with this in my first pregnancy after having it years before. Unfortunately pregnancy can cause it to come back, i suffered with it from week 14 last time up until about 2 weeks after the birth. I found a heat pad directly over helped at night. They wouldn't give me steroids while pregnant due to the risk to the baby but they did prescribe codeine for the pain which you can take under medical supervision. It is worth seeing your gp to see what they can do for you as itste horrible to suffer through and chances are it won't get better before baby is born. Hope you get some relief soon. xx

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I had it in my sternum back in early 2009. Not fun for sure. I haven't had any issues with it during this pregnancy, luckily. Hopefully it stays that way!! I hope you feel better! I had to take a bunch of ibuprofen when mine was all messed up, but obviously that can't be taken now. But a cold pack wrapped in towel or just a cold wash cloth always helped me a ton.

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I've suffered with this for years! I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the doctor because it was so painful that I was sure it must be something serious! The last time it was bad was over a year ago but last week it started again! The pain extends into my shoulders and arms too. I think it must have something to do with all of the joints and ligaments in our bodies starting to stretch and relax.

I actually find some relief using a heating pad or hot water bottle. Not sure what else to do...

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ive just been diagnosed with this, it started around week 12ish of pregnancy and noticed after straining for the loo and its still here week 30 been prescribed painkillers,
i dont feel so alone now ive seen your post

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That totally makes sense. I had it in my sternum in 2009 as well, and my ribs have been KILLING me since 16 weeks. It feels like one is out of place on my left side, but I bet its just costochondritis. Weird!

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Yes I had it in high school and it has pretty much stayed away for the most part...however probably a month ago I had such horrible chest pain I thought I was having a heart attack, but realized that it was probably that! Ice helps, I rubbed my chest wall too.

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Oh my gosh!!!! I had this in my last pregnancy, it was absolutely HORRENDOUS. Bearing in mind I gave birth with paracetamol and gas and air, I found the costochondritis was worse pain. So so awful. I had to beg my doctor for some codeine as paracetamol was doing nothing and it was keeping me up at night, the works.
I feel for you ladies that have it. It's not come back so far....

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Hi ladies, just wondered how you were getting on with your costochondritis? I'm just out of hospital having been diagnosed with this condition (I'd never heard of it before) and with hyrdonephrosis (swelling of the kidneys). I hadn't slept in about a month and was in extreme pain - I though one of my organs was bleeding internally or something it was so painful!

I'm now on dihydrocodeine and paracetamol and I'm starting physio on Monday. I want to manage it without the codeine but at the moment it's just not possible. I have found that if I prop myself up into a sitting position in bed then I can get a bit of sleep. Has anyone else got any other tips? Xx

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