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Can I ask at an ultrasound?

We are going to have to go back in June for me to have another ultrasound. Unfortunately, this one's because I have a low lying placenta and they want to make sure it will have moved back up by then when I am 28 weeks. However, my fiance and I were curious if we could ask the ultrasound tech if she could take certain pictures. When we had our last ultrasound with our son, he made a few movements that the ultrasound tech and both of us thought were adorable, but she didn't get them all! She was a super sweet ultrasound tech so don't make any mistake, I am not complaining, but we are curious if we see something we like, if we're allowed to ask them to snap a shot? We're in Wisconsin in the United States if that makes any difference.

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Hi, I think all are different.

So far every ultrasound I've had, with this pregnancy and my last, they've been more than happy to give me a picture. It probably just depends on the tech. Never hurts to ask!

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I'm in NJ and we have ultrasounds at our doctor's office and at a MFM place we went to for our 20 week u/s and will go to for growth scans later on... We've asked our doctor and he was more than happy to give us pics we wanted (within reason). At our 20 week scan, the lady was pretty nice and she also obliged when we requested certain pics. I think if it's easy for them to do, they will have no problem doing it . Can't hurt to ask .

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I would ask. The worst that could happen is they say no.

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