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Ouch ouch ouch!!! What is wrong with my arm?!!!

Any one else suffering with a dead arm?
I know it sounds made but sometimes I keep getting a dead achy elbow which generates towards my wrist. It's a dull throbbing pain really annoying. Plus my fingers get pins and needles. I shouldn't text in here coz it actuallyakes it worse!

Anyone else experience this? X

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I have this feeling in my right arm. Feels dead and achy like I just had a tetanus shot. I have had this feeling before, it was a disc out in my back. I went to the chiropractor and he adjuste my back for three days in a row, and then it went away. Now that I'm pregnant he won't adjust me the same as he did before so I have been suffering. It's been hurting for about three weeks now. I plan on asking my doctor tomorrow if there is anything else I can do to make the pain/dead arm feel a little bit easier to deal with.

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Ive just read that apparently you have an increased risk of carpal tunnal when pregnant, could it be that?

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I get pins and needles alot in my hands and fingers since being preg but no clue what it is! Sorry I can't be much of a help x

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