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My ovaries feel sore

So this past week my stomach has felt so icky. I keep having this feeling like when you have to pee so bad it kind of hurts. Really low like where I would normally feel ovulation it feels sore. Does this sound normal? I'm not in pain but way more aware of my stomach now from this dull ache. I definitely have all the normal stretching sensations but this is a little more achey than anything.

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Mum (Mom)
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For the needing to pee, it could be a UTI but I was convinced mine was even after plenty of negative tests. Until! I worked out that when the baby kicks lower is when I get those pains for a few days, he must have moved further down and he must sit on my bladder and kick it and boy does it hurt.

I'd still ask a doctor just to be sure though, growing pains and the likes are really painful, but it could be an infection of some kind

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