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What to take for a chest cold?

Hi ladies, I'm off to a wedding tomorrow (DH is the best man), and I can't shake this chest cold I have, in fact its a lot worse today. Stuffy nose, soar scratchy throat and weezy scratchy congested chest. I never got sick last pregnancy and my doctor isn't in the office today, I know tylenol is ok and it's been keeping my fever down, but it wont do anything for my throat and chest. Anyone know what is safe to take that will relieve my chest? (have throat drops that are helping a little, but my chest feels so icky!)

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It may not be much help at the wedding, but I've just gotten over a terrible virus and I used some vicks vapo rub on my chest/throat and while it didn't really improve the congestion it made me feel better- at least at night.

I tried to get by on just the tylenol but really suffered!

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