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Originally Posted by leiapaulsen View Post
Originally Posted by J22 View Post
There are some beautiful bumpers but I'm worried about their safety so I'm going to buy a breathable cot liner. They all tend to be in white but I've found this jungle one on Amazon:
This is the same one I used with my son. I liked it because it was breathable so if baby got near it there was no risk of rebreathing... And also its Velcro on the outside in 2 spots no ties. I am a 911 dispatcher and ill tell u I was so scared about SIDS and all that even more so with my 3rd just due to having had to take some heartbreaking calls of parents who have lost their babies... Sad thing is that 99% of them could have been completely prevented with education on the risk of the padded bumpers and not putting baby to bed with stuffed animals, on a pillow, propping a bottle etc. once my boy got old enough that he was moving around a lot rolling over and such, I took it off to be safe. He is almost 2 now and he sleeps in a bare crib with a blanket and that's it.
I totally agree I do Child Protection and it breaks my heart to have to hear another baby has passed with loving parents who just didn't know better OR decided to go with they are fine if I make sure they are tied tight. SIDS is very scary and I want to try to do all in my power to ensure our risks are are even less...

In the US, at least in my State, when I go to homes that have them we advise them of the risks and request they take them out. We advise of a bare crib unless they are starting to put limbs into the slats, then I could see the breathable air wrap. It is so hard for parents to "know everything" and a lot of people are shocked when I tell them of the danger of stomach sleeping and bumpers.

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