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Hahahha I JUST WENT THROUGH THIS!!!!!!!!!! Exactly at the same weeks as you. You will start freaking out in 3 weeks when you actually do start gaining 2 lbs out of no where and it wont go away. I finally just got to 4lbs+ and I am 24 weeks today. As you I started heavier at 213. It will slowly stick I promise. :-)

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Originally Posted by kassiaethne View Post
Originally Posted by momof2babies View Post
I've lost 25 pounds since ( 10 in the last 2 weeks)march and my doctor is quite worried says me and baby can't continue like this
eep, have you been sick or anything. or is it just dropping off to drop off?
Don't know why I'm losing so much. I lost during my last pregnancy too, but not nearly this much. My doctor said if I'm still losing at my next appointment I'm gonna have to start drinking ensure

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