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Still suffering at 16 weeks with stuff

I am 16 weeks and two days and still suffering from some sickness and also insomnia I dunno what to do.I listen to my docs regarding meds and insomnia and yet nothing changes.Ever since preggo I;ve had theses strong hormonal like surges in my body and it keeps me wired up, I know it sounds crazy but it is really happening, and it keeps me awake.I guess nobody else feeling this way....I had a few good weeks but this last week since saturday its been awful I dunno what has happened.

can it change so quickly and rapidly this feeling I have I had in the first tri alot it just hormones or is it just me... i've had alot of heartburn also this week and a stuffy nose,and have dry reached a few times,,,,,i dunno why would i still be sick, i thought 2nd tri was going to be a bit easier

anybody else not feeling good in 2nd tri?


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Hi hunni, at 16 weeks I was still feeling awful! I thought that's it I'm gunna be ill all the way through like with my ds 4, but I got to nearly 18 weeks and started to feel better nausea wise, my nose is still really stuffed up and has been since 6 weeks so I'm not expecting that to go but for the last week my nausea had been loads better, hang in there!! Xxxxx

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It also took me quite a while into 2nd tri before I started feeling better. Hope you start to feel better soon! xo

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I was still feeling awful @ 16 weeks too but feel a lot better now at 21! Well less sick, still as tired but that's having a toddler to run around after!x

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