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no nuchal translucency seen. scared

hi, im encroaching but im really worried and if any of the ladies here can help it wd mean a lot. i had my 12 week scan all was well, baby, heartbeat, placenta, except they couldnt see nuchal translucency and have advised rescan in 4 weeks. i know high nuchal translucency is dangerous but its absence, what does it mean. im scared ihad a loss in nov. anyone know anything abt it plzzzz let me know

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It might just mean the baby wasn't in the right position to be able to measure it. That's the most common reason for a rescan. They took ages to get mine, I had to go for a walk for half an hour to get baby to move

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It prob means they couldn't measure it. They have be in a good position and my bubba was being a pain in the butt. We had to shake him poke him walk around and have a coke before he was in the right position! They nearly had to rescan too so I expect it's that. Do you have a doc or mw you can call to ask to set your mind at rest?

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