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Mamas and Papas Herbie - Night Night

Anyone else got this pram or thinking about buying it???

iv heard a lot of bad reviews about it but i still love it and just put a deposit down on it.

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I had a Herbie, honestly dont buy it.

They are bloody awful, they look so pretty, but they are so useless, u cant rget anything in the basket with the carrycot on, there is nowhere to put the bag, the wheels have a mind of there own, to change from carrycot to seat, it takes ages and its so hard.

If the pram is on display in the shop as the staff to show you how to change from Carrycot to buggy, i guarantee they will take ages.

The carrycot tilts backwards whenever it wants. The fabric fades so quick.


V xxxx

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I've actually heard bad things about all mamas and papas prams actually My friend has had about a million prams since she's had her baby and she thought that M&P lost big time! Sorry... xx

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