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sharp pain in left side of abdomen!

i had pain in my abdomen last night,it was on the lower left hand side and felt like a sharp shooting pain.

I had a midwife app at half one for triple test and to hear heartbeat etc, the pain had gone by then so i didnt mention it. I thought it was maybe just gas etc.

i am now home from the appointment and the pain has come back in the same place, i read about roud ligament pain, it soulds quite like that.

Anyone had that before?

I am 16 weeks today and the heartbeat was fine, could something still be wrong??

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No hun i dont think anything is wrong.

Sharp pains are normal and it does sound like a ligament or stretching pain.
I got lots of sharp stabbing pains and have to sit back down till they go.

Im sure all is fine

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I get sharp, shooting pains on both sides at different times...usually when I stand up from bending or sitting down. My midwife said it was just ligament and muscle pain as everything is growing so much at the moment. If it carries on and worries you more, its always worth phoning your midwife to ask though x

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I got sharp shooting pains on my left side from about 6 weeks straight through to 14-15 weeks - not constant, but very regular - OB said it was normal, everythings shifting and such. Never hurts to mention it to your MW/OB though!

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